The Historic Lincoln Theatre

The Historic Lincoln Theatre

The Lincoln Theatre, built in 1922, was the center of a cultural renaissance that predated Harlem. Washington natives Duke Ellington and Pearl Bailey were joined by nationally acclaimed artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Nat King Cole, Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, and Sarah Vaughn who performed regularly on our storied stage. Even FDR had his birthday parties at the Lincoln Colonnade, a festive party hall once located at the Theatre.

Langston Hughes conveyed the power of our stage to bring people to reflect and connect in "Lincoln Theatre":

"The movies end. The lights flash gaily on.
The band down in the pit bursts into jazz.
The crowd applauds …."

Now experiencing a second renaissance, we remain committed to entertain, educate and inspire by offering and preserving an historical community treasure, the Lincoln Theatre, for multi-cultural experiences and programming. As a hybrid community-commercial venue, we are stimulating a cultural dialogue nationally and in our own neighborhood.

Arts partnerships and generous funding by the District allow us to give back through our Cultural Catalyst Enrichment Initiative. National-level talents like Carrie Fisher and Alicia Keys are increasing our profile as the main stage for the revitalization of the U Street Corridor. Join us in continuing to preserve the Lincoln's legacy as a cultural beacon for Washington and the world.