Rent the Lincoln Theatre: Technical Capabilities

Download the Technical Rider (pdf)
Whether you are a small touring band or an elaborate theatre production, we're equipped to deliver sonic excellence.
Soundcraft Spirit Live 324 Automated Digital Mixing Console with up to 32 channel inputs plus dedicated controls for eq, phase, channel mute, and aux and fx send pots. For more information visit
Full microphone compliment
n house clear com system capable of meeting on stage and back stage needs
12 Channel Press Mult for audio feeds
ETC Express 48/96 Console-192 channel capability, 96 channel faders, 24 submasters, 48 channel two-scene operation
Remote focus
600 cue capability
1 Superstar 1.2 spotlight
1 Superstar 3.5 spotlight
Over 100 various lighting units (Lekos, pars)
Various sizes of strip lights
38' X 40' proscenium stage with 37 line sets
Hemp House
Genie lift
Hydraulic orchestra pit
Full Black
Blue cyc
2 Strong Ultra 80 35 mm projectors
Independent cinema sound system
20 x 30 Full Stage Movie Screen
Our Stage Technical Staff
Although we are a non-union house, our professional technical staff are trained to deliver union standard of excellence to our clients.